Easy Mode

An easy way to learn the game and also for looong playing:

4 ring colors. No time limit.

Medium Mode

Every game a challange: Use both vertical and horizontal combinations or you will run out of poles to throw at.

5 ring colors. No time limit.

Master Mode

Only play this one on your good-brain-days. Throw some rings away if they won’t fit. Hope to achieve some bonus lives for all the points you will score and calculate well! You will rarely get the ring you need.

5 ring colors. Rare color repetition. No time limit.

Panic Mode

What happened? They count my seconds! 
In Panic Mode, you play against time. Every ring will earn you some moments more, combinations pay off a lot. Throwing away is a good deal but eats away your seconds!

4 ring colors. Countdown activated.

Ultra Panic Mode

This is far more than “just like Panic with one more color”. You will need a lot of combos but ther is no time to think, so trust your intuition and be quick.
We recommend a break after 3 tries. You will need it! 

5 ring colors. Countdown activated.